M30 Medium wire cold welder, by PWM LtdOperation

0.30mm - 1.80mm (.0118" - .071")
AWG: 28½ - 13)

350 x 80mm (13" x 14")

Nett weight
2.57kg (5½lbs)

Gross weight
3.60kg (8lbs)

Simple action

The portable, manually operated M30 is the smallest machine manufactured to date that can weld non-ferrous wire or strip within the range 0.30 - 1.80mm. The M30 uses industry standard dies and the machine is operated by a simple scissor action that completes the weld in seconds. While designed to be hand-held (the machine is perfectly balanced for ease of use) the M30 can be fixed to a bench in the work area if required. 

The machine is supplied in its own storage case, which has space for several dies.