M101, medium wire cold welder, by PWM LtdOperation

1.0mm - 3.60mm (.040" - .141")

EC aluminium
1.00mm - 5.00mm (.040" - .197")

L440 x W220 x H370mm (17" x 9" x 15")

Nett weight
32kg (70lbs)

Gross weight
40kg (88lbs)

Versatile operation

The M101 can be used on a workbench or on a trolley. (Trolley can be supplied.) It is manually operated and, using the industry standard die, will weld most non-ferrous metals in wire or strip form within the range 1.00 - 3.60mm (copper) and 1.00 - 5.00mm (EC aluminium).

A strong, heavy-duty machine, the M101 is simple to operate and, due to the low number of component parts, easy to maintain. The multiple upset action is achieved by depressing the handle four or five times, which completes the weld in seconds.