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Pressure Welding Machines
World leader in cold weld technology
Pressure Welding Machines
World leader in cold weld technology
Pressure Welding Machines
World leader in cold weld technology

HP30, medium wire cold welder, by PWM LtdOperation

0.30mm - 1.80mm (.0118" - .071")

EC aluminium
0.30mm - 2.00mm (.0118" - .079")

L160 x W82 x H322mm (L6½ x W3½ x H12¾)

Gross weight
5.5kg (12lbs)

Easy welding

The HP30 is a pneumatically operated cold pressure welder. It is portable within the limits of the 8mm air supply pipe and capable of welding most non-ferrous metals in wire or strip form within the range 0.30 to 2.00mm. 

This small powered machine is suitable for all personnel, since it enables the operator to hand weld wire sizes 1mm to 2mm without effort. The HP30 uses industry standard dies and is designed to be hand held or bench-mounted using the optional mounting ring. It is supplied in its own storage case, which has space for a number of dies.

Don't forget to order your dies.


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