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Pressure Welding Machines
World leader in cold weld technology
Pressure Welding Machines
World leader in cold weld technology
Pressure Welding Machines
World leader in cold weld technology

BM10, fine wire cold welder, by PWM LtdOperation

0.10mm - 0.60mm (.0039" - .0236") 
(AWG: 38 - 22½)

L240 x W120 x H190mm (L9½" x W4¾" x H7½")

Nett weight
5.20kg (11lbs)

Gross weight
6.50kg (14lbs)

Low maintenance and easy to operate

The BM10 is a small, manually operated machine that can be used either on a workbench or on a mobile trolley. (Trolley can be supplied.)

Light hand pressure on the operating lever completes the weld in seconds.The machine uses an industry standard die and has the capacity to weld most non-ferrous metals within the range 0.10 - 0.60mm. Thanks to its uncomplicated design, the BM10 is very strong and simple to operate. Also, due to the few component parts used, the machine is low maintenance and extremely reliable.


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