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Pressure Welding Machines
World leader in cold weld technology
Pressure Welding Machines
World leader in cold weld technology

EP500 electro pneumatic rod welderBritish company PWM (Pressure Welding Machines) Ltd has secured an order to provide Southwire Company, LLC, headquartered in Carrollton, Georgia, U.S.A, with 12 EP500 cold pressure welding machines.

“This is one of the largest single orders for this particular rod welder that we have received to date,” said Steve Mepsted, PWM’s managing and sales director. “It’s a testament to the successful partnership that our U.S. and Canadian distributor, Joe Snee, has established with Southwire over the last nine years, and we’re delighted to be working with them again.”

According to Doug Glore, senior process engineer at Southwire, the EP500 was selected for its safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness. The company has already installed around a dozen of these machines in its plants in Starkville, Mississippi; Hawesville, Kentucky; Huntersville, North Carolina; and the Building Wire and Utility plants in Carrollton, Georgia.

Todd Chikodroff, utility plant manager at Southwire’s Carrollton plant, said: “We’re committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees. Cold welders do not generate heat, sparks or fumes and there is no risk of the operator getting burned. PWM’s proven expertise in cold weld technology made the company a natural partner for us and we purchased our first EP500 in 2014. It’s clean, quiet and user-friendly and the guard device prevents hands getting near the welder when it’s operating.”

The EP500’s built-in interlock mechanism ensures that the machine only functions when the guard is closed correctly, enhancing operator safety. The machine is low-maintenance and simply needs an ordinary 120V electrical supply for the integral PLC (programmable logic controller), making it a cost-effective alternative to an electrical butt welder.

Six of the EP500 cold welders ordered are currently in transit; the remainder will be shipped in the next few months.

PWM Ltd, based in Kent, England, is a specialist manufacturer of cold welding equipment. The company has been designing and making cold welding machines and dies (industry standard and custom-made) for the global wire and cable industry since 1984. PWM’s products are precision engineered in PWM’s UK workshops and tested to stringent quality standards.

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