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Pressure Welding Machines
World leader in cold weld technology
Pressure Welding Machines
World leader in cold weld technology
Pressure Welding Machines
World leader in cold weld technology

EP500, rod cold welder, by PWM Ltd.Operation

5mm - 12.50mm (.197" - .492")

EC aluminium
5mm - 15.00mm  (.197" - .590")

L1430 x W970 x H1240mm (56" x 38" x 49")

Nett weight
960kg (2,120lbs)

Gross weight
1160kg (2,560lbs)

Energy-efficient performance

The EP500 is an electro-pneumatic, free-standing rod welder. It will cold weld most non-ferrous metals, in wire or strip form, within the range 5.00 - 12.50mm (copper), 5.00 - 15.00mm (aluminium) depending on the hardness of the material. The EP500 is equipped with an advanced, user-friendly programmable controller (PLC), which takes the pneumatic system through the required welding sequence and monitors the system for faults.

This heavy-duty machine is pneumatically powered and requires a compressed air supply and a single phase electrical supply of between 100 and 240 volts (the specific voltage requirement is stated at the time of ordering). No hydraulics are used with the EP500. A co-axial thrust technique is applied in the welding process, with independent control over the grip and upset movements through an arrangement of pneumatic cylinders. Fully automatic deflashing is incorporated into the system for removal of the weld burr.

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