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Pressure Welding Machines
World leader in cold weld technology
Pressure Welding Machines
World leader in cold weld technology


PWM manufactures dies of the industry standard type for wire sizes between 0.08mm (.0039") and 6.35mm (.257"). All our dies are individually hand-made in matched sets to the tightest possible tolerances by skilled technicians, in our own British workshops.

Individual dies and specifications

Dies for PWM's fine wire machines, the M10 superfine, M10 standard, and BM10, are all single cavity only, i.e., they can only weld one size of wire.

M101 dieThe M25, M30, BM30 and HP30 machines use only double cavity dies throughout their range. This means they can weld two individual sizes of wire, a process which is achieved by inverting the die in the machine. When specifying double cavity dies up to 1.00mm (.040") with two different sizes, the following rule must be observed: the larger diameter must not be more than 30% bigger than the smaller diameter. From the 1.00mm (.040”) specification, any two sizes can be paired to a maximum of 2.20mm (.087”).

The M101, P101 and HP100 also use double cavity dies for sizes up to 3.60mm. Beyond that size, dies can only be supplied as single cavity in order to gain a greater strength advantage, which is achieved by moving the cavity to the centre of the die. With M101 type dies, any two sizes can be paired between 1.00mm (.040") and 2.20mm (.087"), or any sizes between 1.90mm (.076") and 3.60mm (.141").

ST40 die

The HP200 machine and the ST40 machine each use a specially-designed die that cannot be used in any other PWM cold welder. The HP200 die can be supplied as double cavity or single cavity.

P1000 dieRod welders, such as the EP500, P1000 and P1500 use unique single cavity dies throughout their range. The P1000 and P1500 can be fitted with a die carrier to take die inserts for smaller sizes. This method gives a considerable cost saving over the price of a full die.

24-hour dispatch

We carry a large stock of dies and can normally supply a customer with a standard die within 24 hours (if urgent). If the die is specified with two different diameters and has to be manufactured, it will be ready for dispatch during the third week from receipt of order.